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We are independent entrepreneurs who have come together to share our individual skills with our clientele. A group of hard working women on a mission to make you feel beautiful inside and out.



Owner and Lash Artist

Sadie has been a lash artist for 8 years.

She is 4x certified in Russian Volume, 2x certified in Mega Volume, and has extensive training in Classic lashes and Lash Lifts. Most recently she received a certificate in the Bordeaux Mega Volume Technique with Lash Royals. She is a Sugarlash Pro Brand Ambassador and Educator for Sugarlash Pro Academy. She won Sugarlash Pro "Artist of the year" in the Masters division in 2017. She also won two trophy's in the Royal Canadian Lash Championships. She has trained with Lashbox LA Canada, Lash Royals, Revolashion, Enlightened Lashes, and Sugarlash Pro. She flew to Las Vegas to train with Elena  from Lashmakers and traveled to LA to train with Frankie Widdows. She strives herself in continuing her education to give her clients the best service possible. 



Lash Artist

I'm a sleepy adult student who owns a quirky little dog whom most of my clients know more about then me.

Why I started Lashing: I had finished school and decided I didn't want to practice in the field of my studies, one of my relatives mentioned that I couldn't be a professional hobo forever and that maybe I should look into getting into something temporary...
After some researching I came across this relatively new industry called "eyelash extension".
Long story short, 8+ years later I'm still here :)

What I love about it: I enjoy the magic and transformation that happens

My favourite type of lashing style
The flufferonis (Volume & Mega)



Lash Artist

I started Lashing because I found it fascinating that such intricate work can impact someone's happiness in a big way. Knowing first hand how it is to get a fresh set, I wanted to give that same joy to someone else. 

My favourite thing to do while Lashing is layering. It adds texture and fullness and can trick people into thinking it's not a regular classic set.

My ultimate goal is to create a relaxing and trusting experience in my chair. 

In my spare time you will find me working on my fitness whether it involves Orangetheory, hiking, or playing flag football.

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