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All of our masks are organic and electrolyte infused leaving skin plump firm and dewy.
Every facial is customized to our client's face,
anywhere from fine lines and wrinkles to
uneven skin, dull skin, acne and so much more!

Express Facial - $60

Hydro gel facial which we pic according to your skin


Facial Queen - $120

Light therapy
Exfoliating (dermaplaning)
Pore cleaning (extraction)
Hydro gel mask
Crystal mask
Gua sha massage
Arm massage


Warrior - $85

Hydro gel facial
Pore cleaning
Gua sha massage
Crystal mask


Dermaplaning & Hydro Gel Mask - $70

Dermaplaning (exfoliation)

Hydro Gel Mask


Teen Facial - $65 - $75

We focus on acne prone skin
Extraction if needed
Pore cleansing
Dermaplaning (if the skin allows for it )
Parental consent needed for ages under 19


Botox Facial - $90

Also know as the Argireline contour mask
Anti wrinkle and regenerating revitalizing facial focusing on fine lines and wrinkles, tightening the skin and leaving it feeling so hydrated.
This facial is for those who have intensive fine lines, large pores, creases and wrinkles.


Enzyme Mask - $90

Papaya enzyme helps to exfoliate, hydrate and repair skin and helps reduce the appearance of scars as fruit enzymes help to remove damaged skin cells and stimulate the production of healthy fresh cells leaving your skin with a healthy glow.


Gel Mask Add On - $10

Add on a Gel Mask to any other package.

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