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Technician sprays a fine mist of tanning solution onto your skin. The solution contains a colorless sugar called DHA, which interacts with the amino acids in the dead outer layer of your skin cells to temporarily darken them. This process can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, and the results usually last for about a week. Spray tans are popular because they provide a quick and convenient way to achieve a temporary “tan” without having to expose yourself to the sun’s harmful UV rays. This is often an easier way to get your desired skin tone in one or two sessions versus using a tanning bed.

Rapid Tan - $65

The Rapid Tan process is a lot faster in most cases and you can shower between

2-4 hours after application.

Half Body Tans - $35

Both can be done full body or just partial on the body depending on your needs. 

Pre Care


We require you to shave 2 days prior to your tan to remove any hair and also exfoliate the skin 

Dat of your spray tan shower 4h prior to your tan and avoid using moisturizer and deodorant or perfumes as we require the skin to be nice a clean this helps insure the product adheres to the skin with zero barrier. 


Day of appointment 

  • No deodorant 

  • No moisturizer 

  • No perfume 

  • Wear dark loose clothing the looser the better 


You can choose to be sprayed with as little or as much clothing ( whatever you are comfortable with ) 



Post Care


  1. Shower at the time the technician has specified.

  2. First shower will only be a rinse no bodywash!

  3. Move hands in circular motions ( no luffa ) to help remove all of the solution from the skin. 

  4. After shower pat skin dry and apply moisturizer to the skin this is VERY important. 

  5. After that the next day you can shower with body wash. 


*Please continue to use moisturizer daily as DHA can dry the skin out and your tan will not last as long as if the skin is hydrated.

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